Born from passion and concern for nature somewhere on a small island in the Stockholm Archipelago. Where outdoor life is a standard and where you also want to keep yourself and your belongings clean in simple circumstances like in a forest, on a mountain or by a lake. But no soap, shampoo or detergent meets the requirements for a minimal impact on people and the environment, so Kim and Åsa put their heads together and decided to fill this gap themselves. In 2004 Sjö & Hav, Swedish for "lake and ocean", was born.

In collaboration with innovative Swedish manufacturers, Sjö & Hav developed a biodegradable soap and shampoo according to strict environmental requirements that can be used in both warm shower water and ice-cold sea water. 


Frederic Lardinois
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Jeroen Hoveling
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After a successful launch, the range was expanded with compact 2-in-1 formulas (skin & hair and wash & dishwashing), a conditioner and a perfume-free detergent.  Of course, these are biodegradable quality products, produced in Sweden and always in accordance with all applicable European directives and where possible even one step further. In addition, the existing range is continuously evaluated and improved.

With Sjö & Hav Outdoor Care you go for a pure outdoor experience with minimal impact.

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