Red Chili

Red Chili

Completely exhausted, climbing friends Uwe and Stefan reach the top of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park just before the breathtaking sunset. In barely one day they climbed the "West face". But they could not really enjoy their achievement. Their feet burn because of the small climbing shoes. It is not surprising that that is where they get a vision about the ideal pair of climbing shoes ... The seed has been planted and after an evening of brainstorming while Red Hot Chili Peppers plays in the background, the initial steps are taken in the Red Chili story. Of course: Only climbers know what climbers need.


Philippe De Boe
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Red Chili

In the 25 years that followed, a lot of experimentation, development, testing, improvement ... Uwe's garage has been exchanged for a modern workshop in Isny, Germany. Feedback from athletes forms the basis for improved designs. The climbing world is constantly changing and Red Chili prides itself on always being ready with an answer thanks to their technical knowledge, innovative techniques and new materials.  

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