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Long John, 200 G/m2

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Long John, 200 G/m2

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The Long John 200 (fully length) for men offers optimal thermal protection and good breathability. Made of minimal number of seams and with fly. It is made of soft, supple and elastic material (with mainly merino wool) that also does not absorb unpleasant body odors.  The woolen yarn is woven along the inside of the garment in 'loop-shape'. This allows more air to be retained. And therefore provides better insulation It also works very well for transporting moisture to the outside of the garment where it can evaporate. Very pleasant directly on the skin or as a second layer. You can also wash the garment at 60 °! Attention, this item is unisex. So if women like this product, it's better to order a size smaller. Tip: do you want to know who made your garment? Look at the label in your Woolpower to find out their name. You can find them on www.woolpower.se

Base layer pants with long legs
Warm thanks to Terry loops along the inside (Ullfrotté 200)
Mix of merino wool and synthetic fibers (does not smell and extra strong)
Quick drying
Can you wash at 60 °
Minimum seams (made from different sizes of tubes)
Responsibly made in Sweden