Light My Fire

Light My Fire

The story of Light My Fire starts when the Swede Michael Odqvist loses a bet against his neighbour in 1995 about who has the most efficient way to light the BBQ. The illustrious neighbour's secret weapon? Pieces of wood, brought back from a trip to Guatemala, which are naturally very resinous and therefore burn very quickly and well. Michael immediately sees its potential because it works fantastically well and it is pretty straightforward at the same time. Barbecues, fireplaces, stoves, campfires, ... No hassle with newspaper, no chemical firelighters, no dangerous fire accelerators. Light My Fire was born and after an uphill start the ball really started to roll when, in addition to the famous TinderSticks™ (then MayaSticks™ .), The now world-renowned Swedish FireSteel® was introduced. With both these products you could always get your fire going, even in the most difficult circumstances. In 2005 Light My Fire scored a lucky strike with the Spork. It was not available separately when it was first released but was part of the 6-piece MealKit™ that year.


Frederic Lardinois
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Light My Fire

The production of the Light My Fire products takes place entirely in Sweden. A conscious choice in terms of transparency, strict European regulations, working conditions, ecological footprint etc. In addition, the production of the entire range was switched to bio-based plastics in 2019 so that hardly any fossil raw materials are needed in the production line. All packaging is also reviewed and the same applies that all plastics and superfluous (intermediate) packaging are eliminated.

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