For the story of WOOLPOWER we will travel to Östersund, a town in Central Sweden, in the vast landscape of Jämtland. This is where you will find the Woolpower weaving mill and the sewing workshops right between beautiful mountains, forests, lakes and rivers. There, since 1972, first Gabriel Brånby and later his two sons, Daniel and Adam, manufacture thermic base layers and socks by the highest quality standards. At Woolpower you may find the warmest merino base-layers, mid-layers, socks and accessories from the entire outdoor market.

Woolpowers 'Ullfrotté Original' is its core. The knitting technique for this material was originally specifically developed at the request of the Swedish army. The base layers had to be particularly insulating, durable and easy to maintain. Even today, this unique, extra belt loop knitted material is still the core for most Woolpower products. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility has been a top priority for Woolpower since the start. The entire production, from thread to finished clothing, is located under one roof and runs 100% on renewable energy. In addition, residual material at the end of the production chain is seen as a new raw material and processed into, among other things, felt insoles.


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Woolpower creates timeless basic products that will keep you warm, without making your body smell unpleasant or make you feel clammy. Most products still have the same look and cut as they did at the start of this family adventure. And for good reason; the focus is about continuously upgrading and improving the existing collection. Would you like to know who sewed your garment? Take a look at the label: that is where you will find the name of the seamstress. You will then be able to get to know her (or him) on the site. Together with its production and good and transparent working conditions, Woolpower is a warm company from the inside out.

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