Trekmates started making outdoor accessories in 1997. From a garage in Nottingham they developed gloves and hats for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

Trekmates believes the difference is in the detail when it comes to designing the accessories that optimise your adventures. That is why the development of each product is so unique. They want to make sure their outdoor accessories perform when you need them most.


Annechien Tielens
+32 476 70 09 63


Jeroen Hoveling
+31 6 57 93 35 96

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At Trekmates, both price and performance are values that are held in high regard. They select the functions that suit you most, taking into account the adventures for which their accessories will be used. Where possible, they have designed their accessories with multi-functional features to increase versatility and value, so Trekmates products can be used for many different activities. Wherever your adventure may take you.

They have developed innovative new developments to overcome the challenges you often encounter outside. Trekmates have used their experience as hikers, climbers and general outdoor enthusiasts to create the exceptionally functional accessories they know are needed on any adventure.

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