In 1995 the Briton John Fisher worked as a consultant for an organisation that offers adventure travel in Nepal and Mongolia. Inevitably, he regularly ate freeze-dried trekking meals, just like he did on personal trips to Greenland and Iceland. In those years he tries just about everything the market has to offer, but hardly finds anything that is actually tasty. When he and his family where in Siberia in 2016, where his wife worked as a journalist at the time, they go on a 10-day hike on Lake Baikal together. The plain or too salty taste of the freeze-dried meals caused disappointment again. In addition, John also took a look at the ingredients and their nutritional value and soon finds out that he had served his growing children less than suitable food for 10 days. He decided to set up his own brand where taste and nutritional value come first. It was the start of a new adventure that will turned into what Firepot is today. An authentic brand with a delicious and fair range of tasty, nutritious, dehydrated meals.


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Firepot's meals are traditionally prepared in their home port of Bridgeport (Dorset), using 100% natural, fresh ingredients from local merchants. This short chain ensures a personal relationship with each supplier, whereby Firepot knows the origin of each ingredient perfectly. The dishes are prepared from A to Z in its own professional kitchen and then dehydrated in a tailor-made installation. This in itself is quite unique considering that most other brands' trekking meals are merely a packaged mix of individual freeze-dried ingredients. Basically, there is no kitchen involved. This unique process at Firepot ensures a tasty result. Moreover, the meals are completely free of artificial additives and no palm oil or palm fat is added. The entire range is also lactose-free and there is a wide range of vegan and gluten-free options. Good news for the meat-lovers! Every Firepot meal with meat always contains a generous portion. No nonsense. That's how Firepot makes a difference.

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