Bassano del Grappa, North Italy, 1948. Maria Disegna, a hardworking widow with 5 children can finally afford a place at the local market where she sells wool and thread. She used to bring her merchandise in person from village to village by bicycle.  Her youngest son, Giorgio Campagnolo, helped her regularly and got the idea to make earmuffs from leftover of wool. It was a success and soon enough, extra wool was needed for Giorgio's earmuffs. The insightful guy was also passionate about mechanics and designed a machine himself to make pompoms quickly and easily.
In 1954 they where able to open a permanent shop, the 'Casa della Lana'. A few years later they are also active as a wholesaler and buy their first machines for the production of hats and sweaters. 
The foundation for further growth is build. Giorgio turns out to be an excellent businessman and the company 'Fratelli Campagnolo' wins contracts in the 1980s for Puma and Reebok, among others. A private brand was founded for the first time in 1999, which eventually grew into CMP in 2010. The entire company is still a family business and Giorgio has now passed the torch to his son, Fabio Campagnolo.


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CMP is active as a brand in different areas. CMP offers a versatile range for comfortable sports and leisure clothing as well as technically high-performance outdoor and ski textiles. Continuously bringing out new collections for women, men and children. CMP's formula for success? The expertise that has been built up as a producer, the flair of Italian designs with an eye for detail, a very interesting price-quality ratio and of course the unremitting work ethic that has characterised the company from the start.

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